Personal Financial Planning

CCWM is, first and foremost, a financial planning firm. We take great pride in delivering timely and professional results to help you get your financial house in order.

Some clients require a comprehensive financial plan, while others seek counsel regarding a single area of concern, such as, for example, retirement planning or asset protection. The components of a comprehensive personal financial plan include the following:

  • Multiple scenario cash flows
  • Income calculations
  • Estate tax projections
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth transfer planning (known as Life’s Goals Planning)
  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Review of investments
  • Strategic asset allocation analysis
  • Asset protection planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Educational funding
  • Multi-generational planning
  • Business succession
  • Philanthropy
  • Special considerations for athletes and entertainers
  • International tax planning
  • Planning for non-US citizens
  • Planning for US citizens living abroad
  • Planning for non-traditional couples and families
  • Planning for clients with special needs
  • Coordination of employee benefits

The first step in the financial planning process is for the client to complete our Financial Questionnaire, which is downloadable by clicking on the link. Together, we will identify your objectives and priorities. Your CCWM financial advisor will ensure that the plan is timely implemented, and then diligently monitored.

Life’s Goals Planning

Life’s Goals Planning is CCWM’s approach to transferring wealth. The simple reality is that for wealthy clients, basic estate planning is inadequate.

Upon our realization that transfer taxes (gift tax, estate tax and the generation skipping transfer tax) are likely to be permanent, CCWM developed a holistic and comprehensive approach to wealth transfer for clients who have achieved financial independence. Generally, a Life’s Goals Planning program enables a client to pre-fund his or her heirs’ inheritance over a relatively short time and in a very tax-efficient manner. Consequently, the client can then focus on how they wish to use their wealth, currently and upon death, for causes other than benefiting children, grandchildren, etc.

A Life’s Goals Planning program entails a collaborative effort within CCWM, along with a client’s accountant and attorney. Each such program takes into account existing planning and is crafted based on the client’s facts, circumstances and, of course, goals.

CCWM, as part of a Life’s Goals Planning program, typically will:

  • Review and design wills and trusts*
  • Coordinate and review beneficiary designations of insurance and retirement assets
  • Maximize and leverage tax exemptions, and minimize taxes
  • Establish, implement and monitor gifting strategies
  • Address multi-generational wealth transfer issues and opportunities
  • Analyze life insurance contracts
  • Make certain that your estate plan properly reflects your dispositive intentions

* CCWM is not a law firm, does not draft legal documents, and does not render legal advice.