Investment & Asset Management

CCWM is an independent, fee-based money manager registered with the Securities Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) featuring an open architecture platform.

At CCWM, we do not hold our clients’ assets. The assets are held at Schwab Institutional, which serves as custodian. It is an honor and privilege when our clients entrust us with their assets, and it is a responsibility we assume with utmost care and respect. Indeed, as an RIA, CCWM has a fiduciary duty to its clients. In order to properly discharge that responsibility and our fiduciary duty, CCWM takes a personalized and disciplined approach to your investments that involve the following TEN points:

  1. Through the financial planning process, develop an asset allocation and an investment policy statement suitable for your investment goals and that you understand.
  2. Provide access to third-party money managers and low-cost institutional class mutual funds.
  3. Provide daily on-line access to your accounts, through Schwab Institutional.
  4. Educate you on the investment style of each underlying fund or manager we recommend.
  5. Monitor each manager and fund in your portfolio.
  6. Provide you with quarterly reports that clearly set forth investment performance and CCWM’s investment management fee.
  7. Supply your other advisors with whatever information they require in a timely manner, such as information for tax returns, trust distributions, or estate planning.
  8. Rebalance and monitor your investments to keep your target asset allocation on track, and also realize tax losses where appropriate.
  9. Periodically revisit your investment policy statement and target asset allocation, especially upon certain events such as divorce, marriage, or dramatic increase or decrease of wealth.
  10. Demonstrate sensitivity to fees and taxes. At CCWM, we fully believe in the age old adage that how much you make is not necessarily as important as how much you keep. Thus, we invest to achieve tax efficiency and, through the use of low-cost exchange-traded funds, index funds and institutional class mutual funds (available to us as an RIA), are able to control fees.

Our Philosophy

We feel each person has the right to know the important facts and details about their investments and their investment advisor. Our position is that a client or prospective client should not have to ask certain questions, such as, for example, “How do I know my money is safe from theft?” or “How is my money being invested?” Rather, we inform our clients and prospective clients about the hallmarks of our investment platform, which include transparency, liquidity, and independence, all within the context of conservative wealth management.


CCWM’s investment philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory, which is commonly defined as the analysis and evaluation of rational portfolio choices based on risk-return trade-offs and efficient diversification. Diversification is the apportionment of investable funds among a variety of securities with different risk, reward, and correlations, so as to lessen the overall risk of a client’s portfolio. We are not market timers, nor do we engage in short-term trading. Our clients’ money is broadly allocated among numerous asset classes. Within each asset class, further diversification is achieved through the use of exchange traded funds, no-load mutual funds, and third-party money managers, as approved by CCWM’s Investment Policy Committee. The blend and selection of funds are customized for each client based on his or her individual needs, facts and circumstances.


CCWM is an independent, fee-based RIA. We receive compensation only from our clients, and not from any fund manager or vendor. Moreover, as a fiduciary, CCWM is required to act in our clients’ best interests. On the other hand, stockbrokers have so such obligation and are specifically not fiduciaries. CCWM uses Schwab Institutional to custody your assets. Accordingly, and perhaps unlike some brokers, CCWM has no proprietary products or funds to sell, nor does it have any economic incentive to recommend one fund or asset manager over another.


CCWM appreciates and respects your desire and insistence for complete transparency. We fully agree. No investor should have to worry about hidden or abstract fees. Nor should an investor need a PhD to figure out how and where his or her money is invested. In fact, our investment platform delivers total transparency in terms of both fees and investments. 1 All the funds and managers we recommend use Charles Schwab for custodial purposes. Neither CCWM nor the fund or manager holds your money. As such, each underlying investment is visible.

As a fee-based RIA, CCWM receives its payment from you (our clients) only. Each client pays us a fee based on assets under management. The client also pays a management fee to the underlying fund manager. As set forth earlier, we keep these fees low through the use of index funds, exchange trade funds, and institutional class actively managed mutual funds. There are no hidden fees, loads or charges.


To us, liquidity is as important as transparency. CCWM does not sell hedge funds, private partnerships, or any other unregulated or illiquid investment as part of our investment philosophy.2 Moreover, the funds we employ do not have redemption blackout periods, or surrender charges.

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1Refers to funds regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and not necessarily to any so-called “Alternative Investments” (such as, but not limited to, hedge funds and private partnerships) requested by a client.

 2For accredited investors who specifically request Alternative Investments, we will make recommendations and monitor the performance of such investment vehicles.